Will the new coalition work?

The new PM David Cameron and Deputy PM Nick Clegg have unveiled details of their plans for government. Is this an historic opportunity for the UK?

The main priority will be to tackle the country’s budget deficit, which will include £6bn of spending reductions this year. An emergency budget will take place within 50 days.

There will also be a referendum on the Alternative Vote system for general elections. Fixed-term parliaments will be introduced meaning that the next election will be in May 2015.

The new government has also pledged to hold a referendum on any further transfer of powers to the EU as well as a commitment not to adopt the Euro for the lifetime of the next Parliament.

Can the Conservative-led coalition rebuild trust in politics and create a stronger society? Or will the differences between the parties create problems for the new coalition? What did you think of the first press conference by David Cameron and Nick Clegg?

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