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Conservative leader David Cameron

0845 BST: Five days after the election resulted in a hung parliament, Conservative leader David Cameron says it is now ‘decision time’ for the Lib Dems. He says he has offered a ‘very full, very open, very reasonable offer’ to them to form a government.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg surrounded by photographers.

0915 BST: All eyes remain on Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. He says talks have reached a ‘critical and final phase’. He has held private talks with both Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Mr Cameron about forming a government.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown travels from Downing Street to Parliament on Tuesday morning.

1225 BST: Still the prime minister despite his party not winning the most seats or votes, Mr Brown is smiling as he travels from Downing St to Parliament on Tuesday, a day after announcing he would step down by September as Labour party leader.

Labour's Ed Balls and Ed Miliband outside Downing Street.

1251 BST: After another session of negotiations with the Liberal Democrats, Labour’s Ed Miliband (right) says they have had ‘good discussions’.

Lib Dem Chris Huhne, followed by fellow negotiator Danny Alexander at the Cabinet Office.

1357 BST: The Liberal Democrat negotiating team, including Chris Huhne (front) and Danny Alexander (behind), resume talks with the Conservatives, after talks were held with Labour counterparts earlier in the day.

Conservatives William Hague and George Osborne

1405 BST: The Conservative team, including William Hague and George Osborne, arrive for more talks with the Lib Dems at the Cabinet Office. Mr Osborne says a Con-LibDem coalition would ‘be able to command the confidence of the country’.

Media scrum at the Cabinet Office, 11 May 2010.

As the talks continue throughout the day, the media remain stationed outside the Cabinet Office, microphones ready to catch every comment.

BBC reporter Jon Sopel interviews Conservative MP Alan Duncan with protesters in the background.

The media is camped out on College Green, opposite the Houses of Parliament. Their presence has attracted curious onlookers as well as protesters, such as a pair holding a large purple banner during a live interview on the BBC News Channel.

Aerial shot of Downing Street as Gordon Brown arrives via a side entrance.

1600 BST approx: Mr Brown (centre top) walks toward a side entrance of 10 Downing St after meetings. By early evening, sources were saying that Labour is close to admitting defeat, but that the PM will not resign until a deal is finalised.

Lord Mandelson leaves Downing Street.

1650 BST: Lord Mandelson, the business secretary, leaves Downing Street amid increasing speculation that talks between Labour and the Liberal Democrats have ended with no deal. He returns at 1735 BST.

Sarah and Gordon Brown outside Downing Street.

1917 BST: Mr Brown, with his wife, Sarah, by his side, announces he is to resign, having failed to forge a deal with the Liberal Democrats. He was prime minister from June 2007.

Gordon and Sarah Brown with their sons.

1918 BST: He walks down Downing Street with Sarah and their sons James and Fraser, before driving to Buckingham Palace to tender his resignation to the Queen.

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