Swearing judge storms from court

Judge Beatrice BoltonBolton and her partner were labelled “neighbours from hell”
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A judge swore and stormed out of court after being convicted of failing to keep her dog under control.

The dog belonging to Judge Beatrice Bolton, 57, who sits at Newcastle Crown Court, attacked a student as he sunbathed in his parents’ garden.

Frederick Becker, 20, was in the garden in Rothbury, Northumberland, in May when the German Shepherd bit his leg.

Bolton, who was asked during the trial to stop chewing gum, denied one charge under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The judge strode out of Carlisle Magistrates Court when the verdict was announced and swore, calling it a “travesty”.

She was also heard shouting: “I’ll never set foot in a court again” from outside the courtroom.

During the trial, the court heard the student’s parents, David and Anne Malia, had labelled Bolton and her partner “neighbours from hell”.

They shared a garden behind their adjoining property with the pair.

They had been friends but their relationship soured over the rights to the homes’ shared back gardens and the behaviour of Bolton’s pet, the German Shepherd named Georgina.

They described living “in terror” of the dog and kept a “dog log” of incidents when the pedigree animal strayed onto their land.

Their son, Frederick “Fritz” Becker was lying on the lawn at his parents’ home when the then seven-month-old bitch went for him on 31 May.

Mr Becker, from Newcastle, said the dog’s bite tore through his black tracksuit trousers causing a bruise and a cut to his left leg.

His wound was checked at hospital but did not require treatment.

Bolton will be sentenced later today.

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