Expenses fraud policeman jailed

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A Metropolitan Police officer has been jailed for three years for defrauding the force in a property scam while investigating the 7 July bombings.

Det Con Daren Pooley, 41, sought to make a “quick profit” out of the force while on a deployment to Leeds in 2006, Southwark Crown Court heard.

His wife, Nicola, 38, was sentenced to 36 weeks imprisonment suspended for 18 months.

They were both convicted of conspiracy to defraud.

Between April 2006 and September 2007, Pooley, a counter-terrorism officer, his future wife and his brother-in-law Stephen Butler charged the Met £1,950 for apartments for which the officer was paying £650 in rent.

Butler pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud in May.

Pooley was on long-term deployment when the fraud took place. He and his wife had denied the charge.

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