Svelte switch/case vs. if logic blocks

I was wondering whether there are any best practises on when to use a switch/case assignment vs. using if / else if logic blocks in svelte?

E.g. if I have an enum

export enum Status {
  riding = "RIDING",
  arrived = "ARRIVED",
  failed = "FAILED",

Is it better to use a switch case in the script tag

  let statusText = ""

  $: switch (status) {
    case Status.riding:
      statusText = "Riding"
    case Status.arrived:
      statusText = "Arrived"
    case Status.failed:
      statusText = "Failed"

<span class="status-text">

…or to use if / else if logic blocks:

<span class="status-text">
  {#if status === Status.riding}
  {:else if status === Status.arrived}
  {:else if status === Status.failed}

Any recommendation on what to use? Thanks.