value not being replaced in map containing function

I am trying to get the value item.path replaced and outputted in console log – code works in chrome dev tools.

const cars = [{name: "Saab", type: "car" }, {name: "Volvo", type: "car" }, {name: "BMW", type: "car"}];

 const dataTest = => {
    const renderData = {}

    renderData[] = {
      render: (value) => { 
        myFunction(value, item.type)
    console.log('Item', item.type); // This comes back with correct value car

    return renderData;

  console.log('Data Test', dataTest);

List of array coming back from Data Test – console log from above, for some reason its not replacing the path, I have tried with braces (i.e. myFunction(value, ${item.path})) but that just changes the output below with braces, its not getting item.path from the array and replacing it, can’t figure out why

Output from above code, you will see its item.type and not coming bar with car as the type:

value => { myFunction(value, item.type); }

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?