If any two numbers’ multiplication in array is greater than 26 return true, otherwise false

Return the string true if any two numbers can be multiplied so that the answer is greater than double the sum of all the elements in the array. If not, return the string false.

let arr = [2,2,2,2,4,1]
function SumMultiplier(arr) { 

  let sum = arr.reduce((acc, item) => acc +item,0)
  let trueStr = "true"
  let falseStr = "false"
  let double = sum*2
  let arrLength = arr.length
  let i = 0
  let j = 1
  while(i < arrLength){
    let multi = arr[i] * arr[j]
    if(double < multi) {
      return trueStr
  return falseStr 


i found double the sum of all elemets in array, but cant solve multiplaction each element in array.