I have an RESTFul API that renders HTML through a GET endpoint. How can I display this html in my wordpress website with custom header from the form?

I’m using a nocode API that returns some HTML based on some parameters in the URL when the user makes a GET request. I’d like to improve the user experience and have a form like a contact 7 form that can map user input for each form field in the call to API.

For example form would look like following:

Name: Todd
Email: [email protected]

My API is example https://api.com/endpoint/v1/

When the user enters name, email and key I need to make a call like this:

My API is example https://api.com/endpoint/v1?name={name}&email={email} with the Key field passed in as a header (X-BLOBR-KEY: {key})

I couldn’t figure out how to do this with javascript or with a wordpress plugin.