Photofolio & Artbook Template – A4 Portrait (Photo Albums)

Portfolio/Photofolio/Artbook Template for Designers, Photographers, Models & Artists


  • A4 Portrait
  • CMYK & Print Ready with 0.3cm Bleed
  • Clean & Modern Design in 3 Predefined Colors: Cyan, Magenta & Yellow
  • 100 pages + Cover Design

Master Pages

In this template I included 10 master page spreads that will help you to generate hundreds new layouts quickly. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open the “Pages” panel
  2. Create 1 or more empty spreads
  3. Drag & Drop a different master page to each page i.e C&F, F&C, D&G etc.
  4. Choose all the new pages by ctrl+clicking them.
  5. Right click and choose “Override All Master Page Items”
  6. Enjoy your new layouts ;)

I also include 2 parent master page spreads. You can use A to establish a new grid, and B to change the elements that appear in every page like page numbering etc.

Paragraph & Character Styles

The included character & paragraph styles help you define the formatting attributes that will be applied to the various text elements of the template. If for example you want to change the color or size or font of the body text, simply adjust the appropriate paragraph style and all text frames that share this paragraph style will get updated automatically document wide. Also I include some nested styles that can help you easily format your credits sections etc.

Global Swatches

Change the entire color scheme but simply changing the main color to the one you like without having any object selected!

Table of Contents

The table of contents can be generated automatically, and then get easily formatted with the included paragraph or character styles. To automatically update the table of contents if you made any changes to the section or subsection titles follow these steps:

  1. Change the titles in the respective pages
  2. Select the text frame with the contents
  3. From the Layout menu choose “Update Layout Contents”
  4. If you add more layouts keep in mind that anything with the paragraph style of “Include in TOC” can automatically be added to the Table of Contents.


  • 3x .INDD files (compatible with Adobe InDesign CC)
  • 3x .IDML files (compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4)
  • 3x .PDF files for preview

Fonts Used:

Braxton Light is only used in the years at the cover, so you don’t really need the font. Feel free to replace it with any similar font you already have.

To change any of the included fonts use Type->Find Fonts & replace to the font of your choice, make sure “Redefine Style when Changing All” is checked.

Live Preview

Coming Soon….

  • Mockups & Images are not included & are used for preview purposes only

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Download Photofolio & Artbook Template – A4 Portrait (Photo Albums)

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