Unique Business Card and Letterhead Design (Business Cards)

Don’t just throw away your Business Card. The Whole Life is abaout give-and-take. Get interactiv with your Business Card an gather some information about your potential Client.
This Business Card provides two text areas for the receiver of the card, where he/her can put his informations on and seperate it from the “Main Card” via a perforation line. The Textarea is subtle painted darker, with the information, the receiver can input.

On the Front it says: “Forename Surname” and below: “Your Awesome Job Title”. The Textarea offers the space, a normal Handwritten name and Jobtitle should have.
On the Back, there are 3 lines. Each line is titled with another information like: “Phone?”, “Mail?” and “URL?” where the card receiver can put ther contact data in it.

Ever wondered WHO you gave your Business Card on a Convention or a Presentation? NOW you can remember it, even, if your interlocutor dosen’t have his Business Card with him. You can show him that you are courteous and LIKE to get to know him – with a unique, interactive Business card.



In this Package you will find a professional Letterhead and Business Card Design.

For the highest print quality, it’s all made up of vectorgraphics, so that you can print it in 300,
400 or even in 600 DPI (If you really need this high resolutions).
It also comes with an embedet colorprofile (U.S Web Coated SWOP v2 | CMYK ). Make your changes, like the colors and change the DPI to your needs and your ready for printing.
You will find fully organized Illustrator- and EPS -File/s with one layer for every artboard of the layout.
All layers are named by considering their Content.

For more information, look at the “Die Cut” Section on the Documentation.


This is the original Font, wich was used in the Layout. There are tons of retro styled serif-fonts you can find. Especially on DaFont or Fontsquirrel. Livory is a professional designed font with many Ornaments, Ligatures and well kerned.

League Gothic (free font)


Open the Files in Illustrator. You will see, theire are 4 Artboards (only at the AI-File (bc_lh_multiple_artboardsl.ai) and the”bc_lh_.eps”, each with one Page of the Layout. Keep in Mind, there is abBleed and security range around each Artboart with a size of 0,125 Inch to obtain a perfect cutting result.
I highly recommend to print it by a professional print service for the best results

Die Cutting:

All informations you need are inside the Documentation. If there are any Questions, my Mailadress is within the Documentation or you can write me via the contact form, here on GR. I will provide you with free help within 24h :).

So, don’t fear the DIE CUT

Download Unique Business Card and Letterhead Design (Business Cards)

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