Prem Berries Set – 178 Icons (Web)

The Berries Icon Set – Over 260 Icons

Together with the Free Mobile Berries there are more than 260 fresh icons for designing web and mobile applications, blog templates, CMS , shop and portfolio websites, GUI design, Mobile Phone Applications or presentations available!

Each icon exists as a transparent PNG with a size of 64×64 px in a version with and one without shadows and reflections.

Freebie Bonus

Get the 84 Free Mobile Berries at that and expand your Berries Set to more than 260 Premium Icons!


The full Icon Set contains amongst others: archive, arrows, attention, basket, button, billfold, blackboard, book, bookmark, bug, bulp, chart, chat, check, color palette, compass, cone, credit card, cup, database, monitor, file formats, email, favorite heart, flag, folder, game pad, billiard ball, guarantee, harddisk, door, home, secure, megaphone, money, mouse, newspaper, note, document, packet, lineal, pencil, picture, pin, printer, rss, scissors, skewdriver, setting, shield, star, label, tag, thumbs up, thumbs down, tie, transport, trash, trolley, twitter, user, weather and more.

Download Prem Berries Set – 178 Icons (Web)

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