WebLifts Holiday Website Tags (Miscellaneous)

Weblifts Holiday Website Tags

This holiday pack will give a nice smile to any visitor who comes to your website. These tags were created for the purpose of emulating a tag, hanging from the top of your website.

They come in a variety of tags for everyone to enjoy. Including Christmas and Hanukkah!

Included are tags with gingerbread, snowman, dreidel and a candy cane.

Files come in a vertical and horizontal view

PNG Files
Files are already ready for you to start using right away.

All files are organized layers within folders for each element.

A HTML and CSS file, already set up for you to position these files right away if you are new to web development.

These can be used as stand alone, or added to a website.

Another bonus is the file download module. You can add this to your website and include a tag without the ribbon, customize your text and give a smile to your viewers.

The script font is called oneTrickTony and is free to use for personal or commercial use and can be downloaded here: http://www.fontriver.com/download.php?id=8615&file=onetricktony.zip

Hope you like it.

Happy Holidays,
The WebLifts Team

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