Book Research Project

Book Research Project
A little bit of background information.
At the moment I am nearing the completion of a book that I have been writing for the last few months. I am hoping to have it finished by early January. At that point I then want to self publish.
Therefore I would like your help in sourcing an appropriate self publishing company.
I am looking for a company where I can have books printed to order as I require at a very good cost and a simple easy to understand process.
Because I live in the United Kingdom it might make sense to use a UK-based firm. Although I am not necessarily attached to this.
I would therefore like you to research the market and prepare for me a table/spreadsheet
Showing a number of various companies and the costs and processes involved in dealing with all of them.
Here are three that come to mind immediately that I have heard about
1) Lulu
2) EcademyPress
I am sure there are many others as well.
Having done this sort of work myself in the past I don’t expect it will take much more than five hours

I want you to provide me with all of the information that I will need in order to help me come to a decision regarding which company to choose.

• Therefore I will need a very detailed clear and concise spreadsheet giving me all of the details of each company.
• The costs involved
• Shipping and delivery details
• Printing details
• Information on printing to order
• An overview of the process regarding getting a book published
• And all other relevant information that I would require

Payment will be made only by Escrow.
50% will be paid into escarole on acceptance of bid
The remaining 50% will be paid into escarole on the completion of the successful project

I will want to see details of previous research projects you have done

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