I Need 75 Well Written Ar ( 3

I Need 75 Well Written Ar ( 3
I am looking for someone for long term prodjects I Will be needing a few people todo 50-100 articles a week
They must pass ezine articles and copyscape
Each one will need to be orignal and well written in english.
They must be broken into paragraphs
I want each article in its own wordpad and the word pad named the keyword the article its targeting.
They will need to be at least 600 words and have the keyword 6 -7 times no more no less

The first few prodjects i am only paying 75 per 75 articles once we see you can do everything without me babysitting you are being rewritten 3-4 times to pass we can talk about increasing the pay.

Only bid if you can write 75 articles within 5 days of me escrowing the money.
Soon as I select a winner I Will escrow the money
HAlf will be paid when you send me all 75 to check and once I see they are well written etc Ill release the other half

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