Seo/first Page Google

Seo/first Page Google
I am looking for an experienced SEO specialist to optimize my website so we can be on top 5 results of Google for a number of keywords.

Only whitehat practices – This is an actual relevant site.

All techniques used should be aimed at developing long term rankings (don’t want 1000 links adding one minute to achieve results, and then suddenly the links are removed after the project has been completed).

Payment Terms

1. 25% when 5 keywords reach 1st page on Google
2. 25% when all 10 keywords reach 1st page on Google
3. 25% when 5 keywords reach top 5 results on Google
4. 25% (balance) when all 10 keywords reach top 5 results on Google

Please note: Payments will be made at each stage only after the results have been verified and have remained in the relevant position for 14 days. (I don’t want to pay for results which only last for a couple of days and suddenly drop again).

Long Term
Providing the winning bidder carries out the work to a good standard and meets the requirements above, further work will be given. I am happy to discuss a long term maintenance fee with the winning bidder to continue to provide link building for the 10 keywords to maintain and improve the rankings long term.

***** BID REQUIREMENTS *********************************
If you are going to bid on this project, please pm me for the URL and keywords. Also provide the following information:

1)An approximate completion time for the project
2)outline what techniques you intend to use
3)provide examples of past work – keywords on 1st page of Google

***********If you can not meet the requirements Don’t Bid Please******

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