Rewriting – 100 Articles

Rewriting – 100 Articles
I am looking for a creative writer to re-write 100 articles in “save your marriage” and “get your ex back” niche. It would be nice to find a long term writer.

Of course, I will provide you with articles… each of them will be optimized for one keyword. It is very simple and I will explain you exactly how to do it.

The word count of rewritten articles will be between 300 ~ 325 ( not including the title ). The articles will be submitted to the Ezine so they must be original and error free… their editors are very sensitive about both of these issues.

It is relatively easy project for a someone with a bit of creative mind but an excellent proficiency in English is an absolute must to qualify for this project. I am tired of dealing with “struggling” writers.

The articles must be well written and interesting to read.

The rate is $1.00 per article. Please bid only if this rate is O.K. with you and if you can provide at least 5 quality articles per day.

The SAMPLE ARTICLE is below. If you have any questions… please ask.

Thank you.

5 Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Still Loves You!

Sometimes, after a breakup you can still be madly in love with your ex boyfriend, and desperately want to get him back. It’s natural and understandable. Keep in mind that your ex might be feeling confused and unsure. Look out for these sure signs that your ex boyfriend still loves you if you want to get him back:

1. The first sign that your ex boyfriend still loves you is that he’ll want to remain friends. He obviously still wants you in his life one way or the other. Try not to see this as a bad sign. You can always nurture the friendship and continue to be someone important and reliable in his life.

2. Another good sign is his reaching out and regularly keeping in touch with you via phone, email or text message. It could just be a quick hello, but that’s indicative enough that he doesn’t want to break all ties, that you mean something to him.

3. In case he mentions that he misses you, that’s a sure sign that your ex boyfriend still loves you! He’s probably missing the romance between the two of you and may be considering a way to makeup with you.

4. If he asks you whether you’ve started liking someone, that’s a complete giveaway! He wants to know where he stands, so be upfront. Don’t play games by trying to make him jealous. That can backfire real bad, so avoid it.

5. Another sign that your ex boyfriend still loves you is his behavior towards you. If the two of you go out for a coffee and he seems a little nervous, this could mean that he’s trying not to show his true feelings. Make him relax and feel comfortable. One of you has to eventually come out with the truth about your feelings towards each other.

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