Technical Article Writing

Technical Article Writing
I am wanting to have 10 technical articles written around the subject of polyurethane foam insulation. These articles are to focus on how and why this insulation is used in various residential and commercial applications including refrigerated warehouses, walk-in coolers and freezers, architectural wall and door panels, pipe insulation, boat decking, truck and trailer bodies, environmental test chambers, chemical storage tanks, and shipping containers.

I want each article to be 500-700 words and they are to be written in American English using proper grammar and spelling. Each must also pass Copyscape.

The 10 articles will be used immediately and then I am wanting to have 50 more written that will be gradually implemented over the next six months. Your bid can be for only 10 articles, for all 60, or anything in between in increments of 10. Please be sure to specify how many articles you want to write when submitting your bid.

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