Need Ebay Sellers (good Money)

Need Ebay Sellers (good Money)
Hi, my name is Cristian Munteanu. And I want to sell items on ebay. Because I already had an account that got shut down for no reason, I cannot sell myself, so I need ebay sellers willing to do the job.
Want I want to sell are HP Pavilion laptops, most of them sealed. a few were tested to see compliance, but they are still brand new.
Seller must not have hold on payments. Seller must know how to sell items as dutch auction (buy it now).
I offer 10% off final sale price (about 150usd/laptop) + ebay and paypal fees.
Seller must agree to withdraw the money from paypal/moneybookers and send them to a liberty reserve accoutn through an exchange company.
If you comply with everything do not hesitate to bid.

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