For Lynetteann Only

For Lynetteann Only
This is a private project for Lynetteann only!

I am looking for a creative writer to re-write 100 articles. The word count of these articles will be at least 425 ( not including the title ).

The selected writer will be re-writing articles about the same things over and over… it is “how to get your ex back” and “save your marriage” niche… and this is a tricky part where a creative mind is needed.

The sample article is below.

It is a relatively easy project but an excellent proficiency in English is required. The articles will be submitted to the Ezine so they must be 100% original and error free to get approved. The Ezine has been paranoid about orginality part lately.

The articles must be well written and interesting to read. I will absolutly not tolerate any “fluff” as these articles get rejected.

I will pay you $2.00 per article. It would be nice if the selected writer provide at least 5 articles per day.

Please bid only if you find these conditions satisfactory. If you have any questions… please ask.

Thank you and good luck.


Failing to Get Your Ex Back? 5 Very Effective Steps to Make Her Or Him Fall For You Again!

You realized that you made a mistake and want to get your ex back. You try contacting him or her only to be told not to communicate with him or her anymore. Does this sound like you? If you follow these steps, I guarantee you’ll get your ex back.

1. Write a Letter Expressing How You Feel

If your ex has made it clear that you should stop calling, send your ex a letter expressing yourself. Remind your ex that he or she will hold a special place in your heart and you accept that things are over and you’re ready to move on. Thank him or her for the time you spent together. Mail it and be done with it.

2. Get a Brand New Look – Not for Him or Her but For Yourself!

Nothing turns heads like self-confidence. You can achieve this by losing those extra pounds had been intending on losing or getting a fabulous new hairstyle or sometimes bright colors can convey a new YOU! You’ll feel good on the outside and start feeling better on the inside.

3. Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry in the Street!

Despite your urge to talk trash about him or her, remember the goal is to get your ex back. When his or her name comes up, say flattering things. Acknowledge the good times you had and the good person he or she is. Not only will it get back to your ex that you’re taking the high road, it may have your ex thinking of you in a whole new light and have him or her reconsidering things.

4. Everybody Likes to Be Thought of on Their Birthday

Your ex’s birthday is coming up. Though you could easily show that you’ve moved on by letting your ex’s special day lapse without getting a present, surprise him or her. Don’t be extravagant. Get him or her a small but very thoughtful gift that just says, “I was thinking of you on your birthday”.

5. Go to Europe for the Summer

Now that you have a new look, you said such flattering things and sent a birthday present, go take a long vacation. The message here is that even though you want your ex back badly, don’t be so available. Let word get back to him or her that you’ve not only moved on with your life, you’re living life on your terms. Now your ex is going to be clambering to get you back! Make it difficult but not impossible to find you

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