Linkedin-style Portal

Linkedin-style Portal
A business profile portal for people who are interested to work with social/sustainable businesses. Also, people who are working for one already should sign up. The technology behind this project is not as important as the nice & clean look and feel. The delivery time is important. The timeframe is max. 2 months. Designs will be fully delivered to the developer as .psd (Photoshop) files. No design work required. The functionality does not at all have to be as complex as on Linkedin, the ground functionality and the concept of interconnecting between profiles is most important.

Technological requirements:

-Login function
-Payment functionality for membership fee
-Build professional profiles (membership)
-Connect with other profiles
-Search for businesses within the system
-Send messages within the system
-Build groups (just like profiles)
-A simple news module
-Basic website content pages, such as “About”, “FAQ”, a sponsors list
-A registry/overview browser with filter, which companies and people are listed

For any offers, please send solid references.

Thank you in advance.

Moritz Pommer

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