Article / Blog Writting

Article / Blog Writting
I need a highly experienced writer to produce articles that are suitable for posting on my English (UK based) business blog, website and article submission sites.

These articles need to be written in ‘fluent’ English, i.e. native English speaker – English must be first language.

Each article must be well researched and be 100% original – I will check sentence by sentence.

Articles must be grammatically correct, and pass Copyscape.

I require you agree not to resell or use these articles again in any way – all copy-write transferred to me.

I require samples of articles written in the past two months for review please.

Articles must have keywords worked into the Article title (I will provide keywords)

Article requires a strong and attention grabbing opening paragraph.

Articles must be written in short paragraphs, each based on a specific point.

Articles require an ending summary paragraph.

I require 30 articles – one per week for the next 30 weeks, I will require more after the first 30 weeks.

Articles are to be written about products on my website, I will provide the product image and a brief description, you will need to research and write about the product in an interesting way, explaining and describing the product features and uses in order to drive sales of the product and create interest in the blog.

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