Very Easy Job – Just Your Own

Very Easy Job – Just Your Own
Hello good freelancers!

The proposed job fairly easy and interesting for anyone who speaks English. Still, it is desirable that English is your native language. You do not need any knowledge in a particular area.

I am gathering a team of people, who can write few words about some electronic products in their homes.
It’s quite simple!
For example, at first I need honest human opinions about your own cell-phone.
Like this:

I purchased my Sony Ericsson W995 in August and here are some observations, that are beyond the specifications that you will always find on the Sony Ericsson web site.
I received the handset along the following: 1 GB MP3 player, 2 years insurance, 1-year warranty, Standard accessories to connect to PC, Headphone etc.
About the features…
The Delighters : Google maps locate everything and anything for you. Battery life if great – atleast 4 hours talktime is guaranteed. Keypad is tacky and gives a nice feel during use. The bluetooth headset connection is easy and works right the first time and is 100% assuring that it works much better than the Z550i i had previously.
The Disappointers : The display gets scratched easy – and deep at times. The Music menu comes up now and then on its own, fortunately the songs do not start off on their own!
The Neutrals : GPS hogs battery and heats up the unit – but that is normal stuff.
Summary : A great Phone, works reliably, no complaints or regrets , and is a good companion. The price seemed a tad high. Overall, i love it 🙂

OR like this:

The Nokia 5800, aka “The Tube” is quite a formidable phone offering many great advantages. First off the price, which can range anywhere from 200 to 300 euro, it isn’t little but it is pretty savvy when compared to the 700 euro of the new IPhone. The 5800 has everything you might need in a phone, unfortunately though it isn’t problem free.

You can write all that you think about your phone or smart.
Send me just one mini-review and I’ll decide as far as you do for long-term work. Please do not copy any opinions from other sites. Ineed only your own true opinion.

Thank you in advance!
Best regards!

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