Property Buyers Website

Property Buyers Website
Looking to develop and seo

We are also looking for some one to write guides (10,000 words or so) on:

1. A Guide to Emigration
2. A Guide to Relocation
3. The Property Sellers Guide
4. A Property Sellers Guide to Immigration
5. How to Sell Your House in a Recession
6. How to Stop House Repossessions
7. Selling Your Property Quickly
8. Selling Your Property to Rent Back
9. What is Sell and Rent Back
10. Equity Release Schemes

They will undergo the usual scrutiny and ‘copyscape’ due diligence. Will need to see evidence of a body of quality work before proceeding.

The guides must be original and to a high level of plain written English. The guides will be the in the copyright of the company name.

Please note you will be asked to sign a contract before any work starts.

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