Micro Continuity Ecourse

Micro Continuity Ecourse

E Course writer wanted for 24 Micro Continuity Ecourse in the Kitten training niche


I am looking for someone to write a 24 Micro Continuity Ecourses who is also willing to commit to further projects once this project is complete.

This project you are bidding on is for the creation of a 24 Micro Continuity Ecourse in the Kitten training niche*.

I am looking for someone who is fast, efficient, has English as their primary language, delivers on time, provides value for their work, has very clear communication, and is willing to take on more work once this project has been completed.

Project details:

The project details are as follows:
Micro Continuity Ecourse
This Micro Ecourse is part of a larger project
Chapter Overview:

The title of the Micro Continuity Ecourse is
Seven Secrets on How to have your Kitten to become a loving Cat

The titles for each chapter:
-Will be one of the seven secrets

The overall theme of the each chapter:
-Break out each secret into 3-4 Ecourses
-Each Ecourse is one weeks content
-Each Ecourse should be 20-30 minute long.
-The Ecourse is teaching the “how”
-Each Ecourse will included the Zeigarrnik Effect at the end (Giving a incomplete preview of what’s coming up next)
-Each Ecourse should be written in friendly conversational mode.

Note: Each Ecourse has a audio recording giving the writer a detailed understanding of how to write each secret

Project timeline and additional information:

The project should be completed in 13 days after the project has been accepted…

I am very prompt with payment, and clear with communication and detailed in what I expect.

How the Micro Continuity Ecourses should be written:

The Micro Ecourse should be sent in .doc format
It should be very well researched and clear in its message
It should be written in 12pt Arial font
Pictures should be used if/where necessary to emphasis the wording
It should be 100% typo free and grammatically correct

Further information:

When posting to this bid, please provide:
A sample of written work you have done of a similar nature

And answer this question for me:
Are you willing and able to do more work once this project is complete, if yes, what is your monthly capacity (how many can you do of this sort of quality on a monthly basis)

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