Email 100 Website Owners

Email 100 Website Owners

I have a preset email and email account for you to get started. Here are the steps I want you to take.

Step 1 – Use google to find website owners in the make money online niche.

Step 2 – Record there name, website and email address in a excel template. (Only if they are building a list) <– Important. They must be building a list otherwise they are a worthless contact. You can use Whois to find all contact details.

Step 3 – Contact each of website owners using details gather in step 2. Fill in the blanks inside the email template provided.(attatched)

Step 4. – Make note in excel that the website owner has been emailed.

That’s it.

If you could contact 25 People a day that would be awsome. So this project should take a total of 4 days.

Find Template Attatched

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