Article Writer – It Knowledge

Article Writer – It Knowledge
Need writer who has experience writing in the IT industry. Must have topical knowledge and in dept interest of many programming languages and internet technologies such as:

Web Traffic
web development
software development
Design and multimedia
desktop applications
open source projects
social network scripts

20 articles.

Please send sample of writing?
Write 350-500 word ‘Web Development’ article.
Write an article on the following topic: Web development.

Unless explicit research instructions are given above, you are free to develop the topic as you wish, as long as your article pertains to the required topic and you follow all the instructions below.

For example, if the article were about Web Development, you could potentially write about:
· How to find the right Web Development tools for the job?
· Web Development programming software that will save you tons of hours in RND.
· As a buyer or seller what should I consider doing before I invest in Web Development technologies?
· Top ten Web Development must have tools?
· Web development needed to build successful website on the net
. What attributes should I seek when interviewing web developers to manage my project?
· How do I become a profession web developer?

Note: Do not write about the above, They are meant as a starting point to develop a solid idea about the article.

IMPORTANT: Additional Instructions and Requirements will be sent to provider once you have placed bid on this job.

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