Rewrite 700+ Recipes

Rewrite 700+ Recipes
This is a large project for someone with excellent written English. A basic knowledge of food and cooking is required too.

I have a list of 740 recipe titles & links to recipes on the internet. I need you to completely rewrite each recipe in a standardised format:

– Short recipe introduction/description 15 – 25 words
– Ingredients list, rewritten and re-ordered
– Step by step instructions, rewritten with main tasks labelled under sub-headings (see example)
– preparation time & cooking time stated (copied from the recipe)
– recipe tags

The 740 recipes are split into 14 groups: broccoli recipes, turnip recipes, beetroot recipes, cabbage recipes, watercress recipes, avocado recipes, aubergine recipes, courgette recipes, artichoke recipes, cauliflower recipes, pear recipes, leek recipes, onion recipes, parsnip recipes.

You will be given 1 group of recipes first (50 recipes). You will submit the work and if does not meet English standards & quality standards the project will be instantly cancelled.

English Standards:

– Minimal grammar & spelling errors (max 2 errors per 50 recipes)
– Zero linguistic errors – the content must read as a native English speaker would say it.
– If it becomes clear you cannot meet these standards, project will be cancelled.

Quality Standards:

– No copying, we have written a script that will automatically compare each recipe using copyscape.
– Stick to the Standardised recipe format (see attached example)
– Recipe instructions must be rewritten & be longer than the original
– Create subheadings for the main cooking stages (see example)
– The food & cookery terminology used must be correct and accurate


– Daily contact via email/msn
– You can ask me for clarification if there are any issues with certain recipes

Submitting The Work:

– Submit each group of recipes in a separate Rich Text File (.rtf) in the format shown in the attached example

Application Process:

To apply for this project you must follow these steps – or your bid will be ignored:

– Before apply please make sure you fully understand the project (ask me any questions first)
– Download and open all of the attached files
– Choose 1 recipe from the recipeexamples.doc and rewrite it as described above & shown in the format.rtf
– Send the recipe as a PM to me in Rich Text Format and in the format shown.
– State in your bid anything you think is relevent and how long you can do the work in

Payment Schedule:

– I will fund an escrow for 1 fourteenth of the work and send you about 50 recipes.
– Submit these recipes and I will check and give feedback
– Payment released if work meets standards, otherwise feedback given and you can resubmit
– If English standards are not met on the first submission, project is cancelled
– If quality standards are not met on the 2nd submission, project is cancelled

If the standards are met – I will release payment and fund escrow for the full amount.

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