Find Sponsors & Advertisers

Find Sponsors & Advertisers
We are a media company seeking a background in finding promotional or corporate sponsorships.

The sponsor(s) will be sponsoring/advertising with a couple who is already currently living their life traveling around the world.

This work: contact companies. Help them see the value in sponsoring this couple – either via monetary compensation or with items they will use in their interviews, videos, photos, and text content.

The couple already has years worth of video, photo, and audio content (from their previous travels in Africa, Europe, South America, and North America) that you can use in your efforts.

Their travel content is currently being syndicated all around the web and gets significant viewership. The couple has also appeared in mainstream newspapers, radio, and television news (including FOX News in Denver (available online) for your promo use) for the uniqueness and care they take in their travels.

You must be a zealot for promotions. Promote this couple & their travel around the world to any company who may want to sponsor them.

You should have excellent research skills and know how to get to the decision maker effectively while building relationships.

You should and be able to effectively market to anyone the reasons why they should sponsor this couple’s travels.

You should have excellent written & verbal communication skills.

If you have connections with PR firms or companies from doing this kind of work in the past, please mention that in your proposal. along with “worldtravel”, so we will know you read this post.

Some examples of companies you might contact include:
– airlines
– web sites
– hotel chains
– housesitting companies
– credit cards/banks (the couple is tracking every dollar spent & posting it to their web site). One of the questions they are most often asked (and one of the things people most want to know) is “How much does it cost to travel the world?”
– new innovative “green” companies (i.e. a company that might have an interest in pictures & videos of how their product works in alternative environments – portable solar panels charging laptops in the Amazon rain forest?: these “green” videos and content go to an online community of 20,000+ active users who are very familiar with the couple and are interested in all new solar, wind, geothermal, alt. energy & green energy tech.)
– pretty much any company that is ethical & wants to take part in having their brand be part of something unique and fun. Stride gum sponsored Matt’s dancing around the world… ideally, you would find a “Stride gum” for this couple. (but not Stride gum as they have likely been hit up by lots of people).

Who you will NOT be looking for to advertise/sponsor:
– anything dealing with pornography
– anything dealing with racism, genderism, or any other bad “ism”
– anything illegal or defamatory


If you are a PR firm wanting to charge as you would a client, this project likely is not for you. If selected, you will be paid a $50 bonus for the first sponsorship you find +10% of any sponsorship which comes from work you’ve done.

In other words, this project is for $50+ 10%. if you find someone that wants to sponsor the couple’s trip to Antarctica, & the trip costs $10,000, and the payment from the sponsor is $10,000, you will be compensated with $1,000 (+$50 if it’s the first sponsor you find).

If you find a company that wants to sponsor their travels, & their travels cost $100,000 over the next 2 years, you will be compensated as they travel and ultimately will be compensated with $10,000 (+$50).

It is possible the couple will also want to fly you to a location of your choosing (to meet you and to buy you dinner).

This is non-traditional work, but for the right person(s), this work will absolutely be fun.

If done right, it will also be very profitable for everyone involved.

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