Rewrite Articles

Rewrite Articles
I am looking for long term writers to rewrite content for me. I have so many ongoing projects that require content, thus I’m sub-contracting these writing jobs to freelance writers.

I need you to rewrite 40 articles within 5 days time frame (if you can do better than this, it will be great! As I have more articles for you to rewrite after you complete this project).

I will supply you with the articles that I want you to rewrite, and you will rewrite these articles using your own words, with a minimum of 300 words for each articles (no lesser than this, else I will reject the articles and deduct the payment).

You must rewrite these articles using good grammar.

Articles which are rewritten by you must pass

Please note:

I will not issue any payment if any of the terms stated above is violated, ie

1. If you take more than 5 days to rewrite the articles, I will move on to the next writer on day 6 and I will not issue any payments, even if you submit your articles to me.

2. If you write less than 300 words for any of these articles – I will deduct your payment.

3. If you rewrite the articles with poor grammar, I will not accept these articles at all.

4. If you plagiarize or copy articles from the internet, you will not receive payment as well. I use at least 3 software to check the originality of the rewritten work, thus it’s pretty hard to cheat the system.

Let me know your best offer to get this project completed – lowest offers will get priority!

Please submit your quotes quick as I need more than 200 articles to be rewritten by writers.

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