Press Release Written

Press Release Written

I am in need of someone who’s written a press release before that will create one for my new website.

This press release will be tied into a type of “Make Money Online” website offer. I will need you to somehow tie the site in with something that is newsworthy and exciting.

Press Releases are held to strict editorial guidelines so you’ll need to be familiar with these. They usually follow a certain format.

You will need to write a headline that invokes curiousity and is very much like something you would read in a newspaper. This involves some research on your part.

Also, I require that you be a native from either the USA, UK, NZ, CA, or AU.

This press release will be distributed throughout north america so I will need someone with a familiarity in the language.

If possible, I’d like to see your work before I choose a bid.


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