Forum Posters Needed 2

Forum Posters Needed 2
I need a few people who are can make quality posts in my new poker forum. Must be a keen poker player or have a knowledge of poker.

Looking for large numbers of posts from multiple users over time. Payment via paypal at the end of each week.

When you place your bid, please send me a message indicating how many posts your bid is for (payment will be broken down into a per post cost and paid weekly) and how you plan to release the posts (timeframes per post).

The posts do not all have to be long, different length posts are required to make it seem natural. If your bid is a good price I will allow you to use a link to your website or an affiliate link (non gambling or poker related) as your signature on your posts, which will gain you extra backlinks and advertising on my forum. This will be allowedat my descretion if the price is good enough (if you wish to use the signature link, please also let me know in your message to me so that I can make a counter-offer if I feel the price is a bit too high for the added benefit of your link).

Thanks and look forward to your bids.

PS. I am also looking for an EXPERIENCED and ADVANCED Omaha poker player to write me a beginners strategy guide for Omaha poker. If you think you could do this, let me know in your message (will need to be similar to the strategy guide I have written for Texas Holdem, which you will see on my site if selected as I cannot give out links here).

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