Article Writer ( 3

Article Writer ( 3
i need a reliable article writer to write

1. i will give you a list of keywords. you will choose 3 keywords
2. you will write an article, any topic you choose using these 3 keywords
3. use the words in the first keyword more often. for exmple: keyword number one, keyword number two, keyword number three
but you will use the words: keyword number one (keyword,number,one) spread out throughout the article but NOT overused.
4. save the file as keyword-number-one.doc and highlight the words, keywords within the article so that i can see their usage
5. then you move to the second keyword and repeat from STEP 3
the article should be 400 words or more. you will get $1.5 per unique article.

payment after every 4 articles you finish. no advance or escrow. i will need 50 article.

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