A Research Project

A Research Project
The job is to source a company that will provide us with a range of good quality cosmetics.
First of all to help you understand the background.
We are going to launch a new initiative shortly. It is going to be called
Colour Coaching
we will be teaching many of our Lady life coaches to be specialist colour coaches.
That means they will be able to go into the homes of ladies and help them to understand what make up to use, what clothes to wear and how to make themselves look very good.
Therefore we are looking to source a range of cosmetics that all of our colour coaches can use wherever they are around the world.
We need to find one company that will provide us with this range of good quality cosmetics.
I know that we do need
• a good quality mid to high end range of makeup
• that is not tested on animals and
• is Allergy Tested, Dermatolgically tested
• and Opthalmologically tested and has a full range of colours…

products to at least include: as an absolute minimum
• Liquid Foundation: sheer and matt coverage.
• Powder Foundation
• Concealer Pencils
• Powder Blusher
• Bronzing Powder
• Loose Powder
• Eye Liner pencil
• Liquid eye liner
• Lip Liner
• Eyebrow Pencil
• Eyeshadow
• Mascara
• Lipsticks sheer and cream
• Lipshines
It would be great if the Company do not sell through the High Street and can do mail order and will fulfill orders for us to our distributors. (not their clients)
So I would like you to do some comprehensive research and come up with a list of companies that fill our requirements.
We will then contact the companies in order to negotiate the best deal.
Although we are based in the United Kingdom the company we use does not necessarily have to be UK based.
They do however have to be able to supply their products to our coaches who will be in a number of different countries

I suspect this job will take no more than about five hours comprehensive research.
It is absolutely crucial that you cover all of the points listed above in your research.
It may be necessary for you to contact some of these companies by e-mail to ascertain the answers to some of the questions.

I require you to provide the research in an Excel spreadsheet with an accompanying word document giving all the information as requested above

We will pay by Escrow only, and payment will be made on completion of the job

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