Grant Articles Re-write

Grant Articles Re-write
Let me preface by first saying that I always place a disclaimer about the article being written by a paid writer so there is no issue. I am about to start promoting government grants. I am doing 2 websites. The 1st will be 1 page long and look something like this

The 2nd website requires a little more work because there is like 10 pages of content on the different types of grants available. I want to re-write the content on each page. I need to convey the same message but in a fun, and easily understandable manner. This grant thing can be quite wordy and boring and I don’t want to run potential customers away by making the process seem too difficult or tedious. The 2nd website will look something like this

I need to have some original content written for my website. So if you do want the job then some grant research will be necessary. The actual grant offer that I will be promoting is here.,0,0,0,0&sub=822503237

You can also get content from there.


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