Three Page Memo

Three Page Memo
Wanted: Opportunities to improve international business prospects.

Potential audience: President, C&C Industries.

ASSIGNMENT: Assume that your employer will soon begin doing business in a specific foreign country and that 25 employees, including you, may be transferred there. Read one or more articles on that country from recent newspapers or magazines, or from other sources, especially online. Describe in a memo what you have learned about current conditions in the country and the possible effects of current conditions on business operations.

In addition to reading magazine articles and other materials, use search engines and other means to look for information on the Internet which can help you with this assignment; I encourage you to work together on the research, and will be pleased to help. Write a 2-3 page memo describing what you’ve learned about a country in which you will hypothetically be doing business. Use memo format.

Be sure to document all sources you use

Criteria for excellence:

Focus on purpose and audience.

Depicting perspective.

Sufficiency of research and documentation.

Clarity of controlling idea.

Communicating intent to audience.

Absence of “speed bumps” in grammar, mechanics, and spelling.

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