Write 50 X 250 Word Articles

Write 50 X 250 Word Articles
Hello, I’m needing to create some original content for a series 50 similar websites.

I need you to write 50 completely original 250 word articles. I don’t want any spinning, scraping or other garbage that google might end up banning. I just want original written content. It needs to be written in clearly written english. If that’s not your strength then this project is not for you.

The subjects will be all very similar in nature: ie: a name of a city or province followed by the subject on “debt consolidation”

Toronto Debt Consolidation
Vancouver Debt Consolidation
Montreal Debt Consolidation

So you’d talk about how many people living in the city or province are facing debt problems and financial problems due to job losses or other reasons, and how many are using debt consolidation as a way to reduce their financial debt. Talk about how debt consolidation works, why it works, how it works, why someone should use it, when someone should use it, where to find more information on debt consolidation, and how it can help the person. To make it unique mention something unique in a sentence or two about that city or province. To find that info use wikipedia or just google the name of the city and you’ll find unique information on it to incorporate into your article. ie: population, climate, major industries, important landmarks, or whatever, you can find about that city or province.

Need this done in 5 days if possible. If you do good work I have one more project like this available. (another 50 article project)

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