Wii Repair Guide – 30 -40 Page

Wii Repair Guide – 30 -40 Page
Topic or description of what I need written:

I am looking to have a Nintendo wii repair guide written. The guide should include open source pictures and unique content – this will be checked.

All of the chapters/ topics can be easily sourced online and put together so should not be a hugely difficult job.

The only thing that may need some real research is some open source pictures to use in the guide, not looking for hundreds just so it tells the reader how to fix the problems and so they can see what they are doing.

What I already have versus what the provider will deliver:

I have the chapter names that I am looking for here is the subjects the guide should cover:

Unable To Read Game Disc

Vibration Mode Of The Wii Remote Not Working

Error “Message Board Data Is Full”

Accessing “Data Management”

Basic Troubleshooting For The Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

Resolve Nintendo Wii Error Codes

Fix Off-Center And Erratic Wii Cursor

Repairing The Wii Console’s DVD Drive

Repairing The Wii Sensor Bar’s Cable

Repairing The Wiimote

Replacing The Wii Console’s DVD Drive.

Replacing The Wii Console’s Internal Fan

Fix Static Noise Or No Audio From Wii Remote Speaker

Troubleshooting And Applying Fixes On The Wireless Router

Wiimote Cannot Sync With Console

Wiimote Remote Buttons Are Sticky Or No Longer Responding

The guide should also cover:

Quick Fixing The Wii Lan Adapter

Random Wii Cursor Movements

Wii Console Stuck On The Language Screen

Wii Delayed Video And Audio Response

Wii Remote Tilt And Orientation Malfunction

Wii Sensor Bar Problems

Disassembling And Fixing The Nintendo Wii

Disassembling And Repairing The Sensor Bar

Disassembling The Wii Console

Enhancing The Wii Battery Life

Fine Tuning The Wii Sensor Bar’s Sensitivity

Game Disc Unloads Automatically

General Wii Disc And Game Problems

Hard And Soft Resetting A Nintendo Wii

Incorrect Wii Time Settings

List Of Critical Problems That Require Immediate Servicing

Missing Wii Cursor

Controlling Signal Interference To The Nintendo Wifi USB Connector

Copying Wii Data To An SD Card

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:

Will help if you have had experience with video game consoles

Specific expertise that I am seeking:

English has to be excellent and grammer has to be correct.

Timeframe for delivery:

I am looking for the guide ASAP ideally in 5 – 7 days and looking to pay $150 for the project.

Please let me know if you have any questions?

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