Wii Homebrew And Backup Guide

Wii Homebrew And Backup Guide
Topic or description of what I need written:

I am looking for a Nintendo Wii Homebrew guide to be written. This guide will cover how to install the homebrew channel on a wii and it is very important that it is fully compatible with 4.2 system update and all the way back to 3.4.

What I already have versus what the provider will deliver:

Alot of this information can be easily sourced here is the sections i am looking for:

Safely Unlocking Your Wii with NO Modchip!

Installing Homebrew Applications and Games

Playing Downloaded, Backup, + Imported
Games From the Disc Channel

Burning Your Own Backup Discs and Playing
Them On Your Wii Console

Playing N64, SNES, Sega and More Games
from other Consoles on your Wii with
specially made Emulators

Turning Your Wii Into The Ultimate Media
Center with DVD and Music Playback Capability

Loading Multiple Games onto a USB Hard
Drive and Playing them without the Disc

Some resources for homebrew games

resources for wii themes

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:

This guide has to be in English and must also be fully updated not the Zelda hack.

Specific expertise that I am seeking:

Experience in this field would be great

Timeframe for delivery:

Looking for the guide to be 30 – 40 pages and need ASAP so 5 – 7 days would be great. Looking to pay $150.

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