Facebook/twitter/ Myspace Fans

Facebook/twitter/ Myspace Fans
(Bid with peace of mind. Nobody will know who has bidded for this project because I’ve selected the “HIDE BIDDING DETAILS” feature here).

This is a simple job. It’s easy.

I need someone to increase fans/ followers on my Facebook, Twitter & Myspace accounts. These accounts don’t have any “Fan Page” yet.
*** Remember: I need Fans/ Followers who loves phone apps, NOT just friends*****

Good American English writing skills are required.

I want fans of iPhone, Blackberry & Android fans (12 – 50 years old) from worldwide to be converted into my iPhone, Blackberry, Android apps buyers

I’ll let you to sign in to my accounts. Then, find targeted audiences, do your magic gently and skillfully and convert them into my buyers.

Take Twitter as an example: Jack has 11,000 followers – you need to attract these people either by using the twitter ‘start following’ link or other methods. When it is done, I’ll have 11,000 plus people who have high possibility to buy my phone apps.

Then, search for more targeted audiences and do the same.

As every 20 follows takes approx 15 seconds to process so this is about a 3 hr job.

This job entails full management of the accounts, replying, posting, etc. I will answer questions via gmail.

You will respond to my fans/followers on a daily basis.

not to “spam” massively but to ethically build our network of friends and followers in these services.

Your chances of winning this project depends on the details you can provide
When replying, convince me with:
i) Suggest to me. Should this be a Project or a one-month Contract. And why? (5%)
ii) What you have actually achieved and your capability in this field (40%)
iii) let me know CLEARLY what you recommend to achieve and how you will achieve it… maybe with specific proposal. What are your guarantees? (55%).

If the project is fruitful, you can expect a bonus and 10 stars feedback from me! Plus, a long term relationship is expected if your idea works.

You need to be familiar with Facebook/ Twitter & Myspace, of course.

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