Pdf To Ms Word Conversion

Pdf To Ms Word Conversion
I have a project that requires converting the contents of PDF files to Microsoft Word. There are 130 pages/PDF. Once converted to Microsoft Word it needs to be proof read for accuracy when compared to the original. The content MUST be equivalent to the original. It is a simple project if you use OCR (or other software) however the content MUST be equivalent to the original. You MUST pay attention to detail as some words are dialect hence MS Word spell check will not recognize it. Again it will be important to compare it to the PDF.

Please see the attached sample of what the PDF will look like. Please note we do not need the columns and tables (this makes it easier).

My criteria:

– The conversion must accurate and proof read. I do not want to spend time fixing any errors (grammar, spelling, punctuation errors).
– Do not reuse the data or sell to another client. We will report this to scriptlance.
– Communicate status daily by email.
– Complete the project by the deadline you provided in your bid.

Instead of the generic reply, please write “I understand your project requirements” in your bid. This way, I know you have read the project and understand the requirements

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