Post Video To 100 Dating Sites

Post Video To 100 Dating Sites

Do not send me cut n’ pasted responses you send to everyone. Individual responses only.

This is your task

This video (take embed code) and will need to be EMBEDDED into 100 dating/mens sites blogs/forums that are:

1) Large and PR5+

2) For men (such as

3) Provide me with the user names and passwords you create for each and should be in the signature. Or something along those lines, it must have a link and the video must be able to be directly embedded into the page, posting the youtube link is not enough. Also the message will have to be changed slightly each time because a lot of the same people go to similar forums.

4) The video should be posted at the top of the page in a topic related to picking up women / kissing women. With the video post one of the articles attached just for content. Create a new thread and post one of the articles using the articles title as the subject of the thread. e.g. “How to Approach Women”. Make sure all the formatting in the articles stays the same including the “bold”. This way it will still look legitimate.

5) The forums / blogs / postings should not be “hidden” e.g. their robots txt in their tags should not be set to “no follow”. The pages on the blogs should be able to be picked up by google, and not be visible to members only.

You will be paid in full once I receive the spreadsheet of usernames / logins / links (note, you can post on good blogs too if it allows you to embed and it’s a high ranked relevant blog).

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