Estore Translated To Japanese

Estore Translated To Japanese
I have a website selling racing jackets and shirts

I need a new site in Japanese with 400 items listed

SEO reseach done for the Japanese keywords

Listing the item is easy because they all they the same price and only the title name differs

All jackets and shirts will have the same descriptions, you will write 6 different descriptions and alternate them so that all the listings do not look alike

Each jacket and shirt listing will have the same price and one of the 6 descriptions

Sizing chart (translated)

Pull down menus for the following:

Sizing option

Color option

You will need to unload 2-3 images for each item posting, the images will have to be translated before uploaded (they are labeled in English now)

Checkout will be Paypal

The shopping chart OS must be made for the Japanese market

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