Blog Article Writer / Editor

Blog Article Writer / Editor

I need an editor/writer to produce professional articles on a weekly basis for my business’s blog. I am setting up a new B2B enterprise software reseller/professional services business which will focus on the growing cloud computing and SaaS area. To help promote my business I want to publish articles on Cloud Computing and SaaS and specifically how they affect businesses in the UK. These will be published on a weekly basis. I have lots of ideas for artices but need some help turning these into something meaninful.

Article lengths will vary but I would expect most to be between 500 and 1000 words. I am looking for someone who meets the following criteria:

– excellent writing skills
– works to a deadline and edits their own content
– perfect English grammar
– reliable and trustworthy
– must produce original content – all articles will be checked!
– has experience and can provide examples of articles related to enterprise software
– any cloud computing or SaaS articles earn you bonus points!
– open to ideas on how to promote the blog, SEO, etx.

This is an opportunity for a long term partnership and I look forward to hearing from interested parties.


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