Data Entry Newspaper Project

Data Entry Newspaper Project
Here in the United States, there are 1422 daily newspapers. We will give you a list of all of the names of these newspapers.

We want you to then go to their website, and get the email address for their Letter to the Editor. You can use the Google “site” command to make this work much faster.

You then copy and paste the email address into our spreadsheet, as well as the link to the newspaper website page where you found it. The data will be verified for accuracy.

You have to send us the file after you get every 100 records. We ask for this because we keep running into people who accept a project, and then they quit halfway through. This costs us time and money, and is very annoying.

We will pay you promptly upon completion, and give you a killer recommendation feedback. You can see our number of stars and that we are very easy to work with and kind of fun at times.

Looking for a low bidder with quick turn around time. New people to SL are welcome, provided you stick it out and don’t quit on us halfway through. (If you do, we’ll ask SL to suspend you for one year.)

Attached is a sample Excel spreadsheet so that you can see what the datafile will look like.

No slackers and lazy people, please.

Thanks for bidding.

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