Blog Posting – Link Building

Blog Posting – Link Building
Dear Freelancers,

My name is Matt and I have an fairly simply project. I have several lists of “Dofollow” high PR blogs. I need someone to go in and post to them with relevant content that will get approved.

I would like the bid for 500 do follow blogs. The work is fairly simple.

1. You read the blog and then post a short 3 sentance comment based on the topic. If there is an author, you identify his or her name.

2. You post our Keyword in the name area.

3. You post our URL in the website area.

4. I’ll give you an email to use for the email area.

5. You’ll need to use proxies so that we have USA proxy so that the comment isn’t marked as spam.

Each post should take no more than 1 minute each. This first one is for 500 Blogs. If you do well, then we’ll get you more posts.

NO SOFTWARE ALLOWED FOR WRITING THE COMMENTS! I want good comments and perfect english. Because of the unique comments you’ll be doing, many will get approved and I will review. So if your grammer is bad, then please don’t bid.

Again, you don’t have to be a computer expert either here, just need to be a good writer and know how to use proxies with firefox or IE. If you can do that, then you can do this job.

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