Negitive Alibaba Article

Negitive Alibaba Article
I need a negative article written about
preferred areas to speak/write about

1. Weak security
2. How easy it is for a seller to be verified once they pay the gold member fee
3. The fact that it doesn’t have a feedback feature like eBay does
4. It doesn’t offer a secure payment method like others websites do
5. The high scam rate of the Ali Baba website
6. The fact that Western Union/Money Gram is almost completely non-traceable non-verifiable and very insecure

The article must be SEO friendly and full, I want you to research Ali Baba completely that includes
owners website scams etc. this is the just the first article that you will do eventually I will post
a part two to this project you see we here at biz brainchild LLC. Are planning to open a site similar
to Ali only difference our site will be much more secure and much more extensive in
verifying its users. So a future article similar to this one will be needed in the future but it will also
in a limited way promote our website. So if we’re happy with the work we will award you the other project
in the future as well. Budget is maximum $15 our budget is tight happy bidding.

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