Simple Copy & Paste

Simple Copy & Paste

I’m currently promoting a couple of websites and I’m looking for anyone who can take 5 or 10 minutes of his time to help me out.

There are 4 websites where I need to post reviews, but since I can’t post all the reviews on my own, I need you to post some reviews.

Once I choose you as the winner for this project, I’ll send you a .doc file with the instructions. You simply need to go to 3 websites, and copy and paste the reviews I wrote for you.

Then, 5 days later, you do the same with the second round of reviews.

I wrote some reviews, so you simply visit the websites and place the reviews there.

This project can be done by anyone who has a couple of minutes so, if you’re looking for a fast review, please make your bid.

Also, let me know where you’re from. Since these websites track the IPs, I would prefer to select anyone from Europe or USA.

Thank you.

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