Solid Seo Posts Resource Blog

Solid Seo Posts Resource Blog
Looking for solid seo posts for blog.

We have recently launched a new blog, however, we will also be trading from this blog/website, so we only want good well written, clear english seo posts, or related to seo or domains.

Some of the categories are as follows

* Domain Names
* Google Optimisation
* Internet Directories
* Keyword Optimiser
* MSN Optimisation
* SEO Software
* SEO Tools
* Yahoo Optimisation

You may write your copy based upon offerings from other websites, eg if you see an seo tool, simply write a post about it and where to find it. Id it good bad or poor etc

We want brutally honest posts, if its poor say so, if its great, shout about it.

As much work as you can handle.

The work must be your own and copyright free.

Prices per post or price per volume required.

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