Write 6 Articles

Write 6 Articles
I would like 6 well-written, well-research and original articles written on bellow topics. I need them well-written by a FLUENT ENGLISH writer. Please bid on writing all 6 articles together, not a select few. Thank you.

I need 6 original and well-written and well-researched articles done on the following topics:

1. Self defense for women. include statistics and top 25 techniques for women to defend herself against an attacker. small images of techniques included would be good. – 3 pages single-spaced

2. Article about value investing. Why it is best method of investing in stock market, how it works, who uses this method, and 25 top rules of value investing. 2-3 pages single spaced

3. Free Tibet – describe how Chinese killed peaceful Tibetan monks and tried to kill the Dalai Lama, who had to flee to Dharamsala India. How illegal killing and persecution of Tibetans especially lamas continues in their home land, and how Chinese have taken over the region, using part of it to dump Chinese toxic waste. 1-2 pages single spaced

4. Wildlife preservation – statistics on current wildlife extinction worldwide, how important and fragile the balance in nature is, how climate change will affect people especially coastal cities when ice caps will melt, and what are the best initiatives people can get involved with now to help the situation. 1-2 pages single spaced

5. Child Sexploitation – describe the problem of small children being kidnapped and sold for sex services, and how RedLight Children non-profit tries to address this problem 1-2 pages single-spaced

6. Education in US – provide overview of how bad public education is in United States, statistics on how many Americans are illiterate and how many kids drop out of public high schools. What can be done to change the system. 1-2 pages single spaced

Budget is $50. Turnaround required is no longer than 1 day per article.

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