Ghost Writer To Complete Ebook

I am looking for someone with extremely good written English to complete the production of a report that I have started. The report is in the Internet Marketing niche and contains 6 chapters of which 4 are already written. Therefore I would require the successful bidder to:
1. Make any amendments to the first 4 chapters to improve the flow and impact of the prose (a copy of the manual so far is attached).
2. Write the final 2 chapters plus a Summary in the format of the previous chapters. The topics of the chapters being Product Creation/Sourcing and Promotion/Traffic. Each of the chapters should be in the region of 5000 words each, with the summary somewhere in the region of 3000 words.

I stress again please only bid for this if you have impeccable written English as I will NOT pay for work that does not match this criteria – you have been warned!

Please let me know if you have any questions before you bid.

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